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Transformation Meditation Teacher Training

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Learn to Meditate Profoundly

From Mindfulness to Knowingness

with the Transformation Meditation Course

by Sherrie (Shree) Wade

with Deb Phelps as Your Facilitator

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Thank you for all the support and the educational excellence that was provided to me. Getting my certification to validate my skills has opened up many doors for me as a teacher of meditation and breath-work. For the past 2 years, I’ve been assisting those with addictions using Transformational Meditation techniques. Additionally, I’ve been working with children in the Georgia school system by teaching meditation and breathing for relaxation skills. Thanks again for a terrific program. ~ Robert Shlein, Dahlonega, Georgia

This system of meditation is called Transformation Meditation because the individual waking state of consciousness is transformed into a higher state of awareness. In yogic theory, from which Transformation Meditation was developed, the mind is considered to be a field of consciousness.

The yogic system of meditation was first recorded by the sage Patanjali in the fourteenth century B.C. The methods in this work of Patanjali have been shown to be effective through centuries of practice. The result of the practice of meditation is that one achieves a superior state of physical health and psychological well being.

Transformation Meditation is a scientific approach that clarifies these Eastern teachings and allows one to experience the benefits of meditation quickly and easily.

Shree is a certified meditation instructor from the International Meditation Institute, Himalayas, India, where she has spent over twenty years in self-inquiry and study. Shree has been teaching meditation since 1985 and is now known as a teacher of teachers.

Deb Phelps was a student of Shree's with the Transformation Meditation Institute and was certified in 2010. Deb will be your facilitator for any questions you may have concerning your studies.

You will find that Shree's practical guidance in doubt free meditation techniques will allow your students to experience the benefits of meditation right from the very first time

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn meditation theory and practice, yoga philosophy, and instructional skills to enhance their personal or professional abilities.

It is suitable for yoga and wellness instructors, mental health counselors, doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, and other health care professionals.

This continuing education course is especially recommended for those who want to enhance their professional abilities to provide their clients or students with methods that they can use on their own that will improve the quality of their lives.

CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT: Will be awarded to those who successfully complete the 50-question multiple-choice quiz. There is no time limit for completing the course, and the quiz can be retaken if needed.

CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS: 20 CE credits to Yoga Alliance teachers.

This course includes:

Instruction Manual: Theory, practice, current research on meditation, and comparison of popular meditation techniques. Application of meditation techniques along with lesson plans and marketing strategies.

Handouts and Samples Manual: Handout manual for a five-series foundation course and intermediate course, and samples of marketing materials. Contains templates you can copy to create a complete manual for your courses, and brochures and letters for your advertising.

Student Workbook - Provides the Foundation Series that can be use to teach your students.

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Ready to learn?

Sherrie Wade, MA

Sherrie Wade, MA

Shree has come to realize that the peaceful meditative state is our true nature. She speaks and writes with clarity and wisdom as to how one can unfold this awareness and transform one’s life. She is a certified meditation instructor from the International Meditation Institute, Himalayas, India, where she has spent over twenty years in self-inquiry and study. Shree has been teaching meditation since 1985 and is now known as a teacher of teachers.Shree received her master’s degree in counseling psychology and has practiced in Florida for many years as a licensed mental health counselor (#3015), specializing in stress management and meditation.She is certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors. She was Director of The Meditation Center, in Delray Beach, Florida, where she developed and conducted Transformation Meditation Teacher Training and evolved the home-study program. She has written articles for numerous newspapers and magazines and was a featured columnist for several years. She is currently Director of Transformation Meditation, an internet-based institute providing continuing education books and course manuals on meditation and yoga philosophy.Her website is transformationmeditation.com