Unlock the Harmony Within

Harmonizing the Soul: Customized Singing Bowl and Sound Healing Mentorship

Welcome to a harmonious journey uniquely yours. In the midst of life’s cacophony, we offer a sanctuary where your soul’s resonance is understood and nurtured. Our one-on-one singing bowl mentorship program is more than just learning to play; it’s an exploration of sound, vibration, and personal healing. This program bridges ancient wisdom with modern understanding, guiding you through the art and science of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls. I can also work with you on any sound healing instruments.

Program Highlights:

    • Personalized Introduction: Begin with a comprehensive session to explore your familiarity with singing bowls, your aspirations, and any spiritual or healing goals you wish to achieve through this practice.

    • Four Weekly Mastery Sessions: Engage in a 45-minute session each week, meticulously tailored to your progress and interests. These sessions encompass hands-on practice, technique refinement, and exploration of sound healing principles, ensuring a rich, immersive experience.

    • Custom Soundscapes: Enhance your daily practice with a 15-minute personalized audio recording after each session. These soundscapes are designed to deepen your connection with the bowls, supporting your journey towards inner peace and harmony.

    • Dedicated Support: Your journey is of paramount importance to us. I’m here for you between sessions for guidance, encouragement, or simply to share insights and revelations.

    • Progress Reflections: At the end of the program, we’ll reflect on your journey, evaluating your growth, addressing any challenges, and celebrating your newfound mastery and connection to the singing bowls.

Why Join?

Whether you’re seeking a new path to meditation, interested in the healing powers of sound, or looking to deepen your spiritual practice, our mentorship offers a comprehensive approach. It’s more than just learning; it’s a partnership in your personal and spiritual growth. With our support, you’ll not only master playing the singing bowls but also embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and profound peace.

Join me to harmonize your inner and outer world, one note at a time. Let’s create a symphony of serenity, healing, and spiritual depth together.

Sessions are available in person in Madison, Wisconsin at Peaceful Wellness Madison Studio and also online via Zoom.

Meet Deb, Your Guide to Inner Peace
With a soothing presence and over four decades of dedication to the healing arts, Deb brings a depth of knowledge, practice, and passion to the journey of self-discovery and well-being. As an accomplished Meditation Practitioner and certified Teacher since 1980, Deb has nurtured minds at all stages of the meditation journey, from newcomers seeking stress relief to seasoned practitioners deepening their practice.

Her qualifications extend to being a certified Mindfulness Coach, Sound Energy Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor, and Yoga Teacher with a specialized focus on meditation. Deb’s holistic approach to healing is rooted in her extensive training in various meditation disciplines, including mindfulness and yoga nidra, which has equipped her with a diverse toolkit to assist her clients.

Musical Mastery and Sound Healing:

Deb’s connection to music and healing sound is innate—rooted in her childhood and cultivated through her engagement with both modern techniques and timeless traditions through her various studies over the years.

Wisdom and Intuition:

Deb’s practice is also enriched by her intuitive work with Inner Wisdom, which informs her unique approach to healing. She leverages this intuitive sense to create a deeply personal and effective healing experience in her Sound Healing Rest™ sessions.

Deb’s mission transcends teaching; she is a catalyst for transformation. She empowers her students with the knowledge to tap into their innate ability to heal and find tranquility amidst life’s turmoil. Through Sound Healing Rest™ and her diverse modalities, she guides her students to cultivate inner peace and self-love, leading them towards a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Now Offering an Introductory Price of $195 for 4 sessions.







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